Renting a room in Eastbourne, who would my housemates be?
23rd May 2018
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With a high percentage of people struggling to afford to rent a flat, a lot of people are turning to renting a room in a shared house. It has many advantages including:

  • Giving the tenant the ability to save money
  • Easier to budget finances as quite often bills are included in the rent
  • Rooms can be fully furnished and nowadays, to a very high standard
  • If renting through an agency, any maintenance issues can be dealt with in an easy and timely manner
  • Short term lets available
  • Living with others
  • Easy to relocate
  • Tenants are not necessarily credit checked depending on the agency and the landlord as many people chose a room to get themselves out of financial difficulty

As a letting agent, one question that I am asked time and time again is;

“Who will I be sharing with?”

The first point I would like to make here is that there are 3 main types of tenants:

  • Working professionals
  • Students
  • Local Housing Association (LHA)

Each landlord has their preferred type of tenant and specialises in this area of the market so if you are a working professional, you will not be sharing with a first-year university student and the same applies if you are an LHA tenant you will not be sharing with a working professional...

So this brings me back to the question in hand... who will I be sharing with?

I have approximately 300 tenants. The majority of these tenants are professionals working in a variety of industries including:

  • Hospitality Workers
  • Carers
  • Police
  • Factory Workers
  • Doctors / Nurses
  • Government officials
  • Tesco/Sainsbury’s/Co-Op Staff...
  • Cabin Crew and Pilots...

Please note for a house-share, tenants should be 18 and over.

Any reputable agency will carry out the necessary referencing checks for each tenant. If they don’t or it is a private landlord, then I would be wary of what else has not been done.

What referencing and documents are required?

  • Employers reference
  • Landlord reference
  • Character reference (someone you have known for 2 years+ that is not a family member)
  • Photo ID (if you are of foreign nationality, a Visa will need to be provided where required)
  • Proof of address from bank/council/utility provider)
  • National Insurance number
  • An application form may need to be completed for the necessary checks to be carried out. This form will require Next of Kin information in case of an emergency.
  • Some agents/landlords may ask for a guarantor

Students will also be asked for proof of enrolment at their university, proof of funds ie, student loan and a guarantor.

LHA will also be asked for any documentation from the council and a contact for their caseworker. Please be aware, that this process can be quite lengthy.

Usually moving into a room is an easy process. If you are using a good agency, they will do most of the legwork for you. One thing I would like to stress, however, DO NOT pay any money before viewing the room. I have heard of “agents” and “landlords” asking for a deposit before a viewing is arranged. Upon arriving for a viewing, it turns out to be a scam.

What money should I expect to pay?

Get A Room Online have capped their fees to make it affordable to move. Some agents have lots of hidden charges but not with us. Make sure you inquire about ALL costs before you commit.

Agency Fees for a room with Get A Room Online are:

  • Single occupant £100
  • Joint occupancy £150

This includes referencing, admin and agency fees - No hidden costs!

Deposits can vary from landlord or agency.

Average deposit ranges from £200-300 with us. Occasionally a landlord will request a months rent as deposit. This is taken in case of any damages in the property during the tenancy and can be used for rent arrears upon leaving.

Some landlords/agencies will conduct an inventory prior to checking in. Ensure you check this thoroughly before signing as anything missed, you could be accountable for when you move out.

Get A Room Online offer free advice for tenants and for landlords, so if you have had a bad experience, pop in to see us to see if we can help.

We have a large variety of beautiful boutique rooms ranging from £350-£695 per calendar month, bills included. This also included free WiFi and a cleaner for the communal areas. 

Arrive prepared.

  • What is your max budget?
  • Preferred location?
  • Move in date?
  • Priorities, ie, en suite bathroom, double bed, small house...?

Contact us to arrange a viewing now - 01323 384020 or pop in to see one of the team; 5HydeGardens,Eastbourne,BN21 4PN

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