11th November 2018
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You will have heard of the Purple Pound – the spending power of the disabled community. Nearly one in every five people in the UK has a disability or impairment, and over half of households have a connection to someone with a disability. Their collective spending power – the Purple Pound – is worth £249 billion to the UK economy. 

Shopping should be a pleasant experience, but for many disabled people, it can often be the cause of distress and frustration.

By failing to cater to their disabled customers, many businesses are missing out on billions of pounds and denying disabled people the opportunity to enjoy something which many people take for granted. 

Initiatives such as Purple Tuesday are a fantastic step forward for the 13.9 million people in the UK of ranging ability and condition. However, inclusion should be an everyday consideration – it’s not enough to simply be inclusive for one day a year and leave it at that.

Investing in the necessary improvements doesn’t have to be expensive. A lot of the problems disabled shoppers face can be tackled with better disability awareness training for staff, and businesses actually talking to disabled consumers and considering their needs.  

Be pro-active, make your business more disabled friendly and reap the rewards of the Purple Pound initiative. Make every day a Purple Day and make your business an inclusive and welcoming experience for all.

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