Benefits Of Personal Training In Eastbourne
18th February 2016
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A Personal Trainer is a professional fitness expert, who will create, lead and motivate a client through a suitable health improvement/training programme based 100% on the clients needs, goals, levels of experience and ability.

Activities range from gym workouts, body conditioning, sports specific sessions right down to more gentle forms of exercise such as walking. Advice on nutrition, lifestyle, stress management and well-being may also be included.

Generally Personal Trainers are found at health clubs and fitness centres, although many have now branched out providing services at private studios or visiting clients in their own home.

For a while a stigma was attached to personal training that it was just for the rich, famous or extremely fit. These days anyone can have a personal trainer whether they are looking to increase self-esteem, improve general health, lose weight, gain strength, regain functionality following injury or illness, train for a marathon or just be able to touch their toes! Many clients employ the services of a personal trainer due to not achieving what they want from their current exercise programme, being bored with it, losing motivation or just being in need of inspiration and new training ideas. Some trainers become more specialized and may work specifically with runners, athletes or sports participants.

How Often Should I See A Trainer?
Having a personal trainer is the quickest way to achieve your exercise goals (stats). Ideally you should have the trainer with you at each workout as they will push you to your full potential and keep you focused if you start to drift, however some just book trainers periodically for a top up or refresher.

“Only 25% of people who workout achieve their desired results. Nine out of ten people in that 25% success group have their own personal trainer” (IDEA International Health & Fitness Journal, 1998).

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer
It is essential to choose a trainer who has qualified with a reputable organization and is ideally registered as a REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3 Instructor. It is even more beneficial to choose a trainer who has a degree in an exercise or physiology related field.

At the onset they should understand exactly your requirements usually these are discussed at an initial sit-down consultation.

From there a good trainer will provide fun, motivational, effective programmes designed to provide the results you specifically desire. They should get you thinking outside the box, introduce different training environments, methods and equipment, whilst also educating you.

Trainers tend to have motivating personalities coupled with a positive attitude that can inspire you to new heights and breathe new life not only into your training but your total being, the whole process can be revitalising.

Ongoing assessments should be given and the programme must be developmental.

A Closing Thought

Personal Training is educational, re-energising and FUN! You will see the results you crave for achieved far quicker than training by yourself. So once you’ve started there will be no looking back! You’ll always be striving to achieve your goal and then be setting the next one. Trainers can give you all the support and advice you need. Like all good coaches, they will ensure you stay focused on your goals and make every single training session fun! Personal Trainers are trained to help YOU achieve YOUR training goals! By setting progressive, realistic and attainable goals Personal Trainers can guide you every step of the way to achieve things you never thought were possible. Personal Training is the best way to get there!

Advance Personal Training are the chosen Personal Training Provider of companies such as Serco Leisure and Impulse Leisure – Sussex. The company was launched in 2006 in Eastbourne by Personal Trainer, Jon Morgan (Managing Director & Owner). Their team of highly qualified, fully insured, registered Personal Trainers operate throughout East & West Sussex providing tailored training sessions for individuals, couples, groups and teams in the gym, at home or outdoors.

If you would like further information or like to arrange a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING TASTER CONSULTATION with one of our team please do not hesitate to contact me:

Tel: 07851 350970

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