Password ‘Sextortion’ and Ransomware
19th March 2019
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The ‘sextortion’ email scam has been doing the rounds more than ever recently and we have encountered many businesses and individuals who have all received something of a similar nature.

They all follow the same routine, but will be worded slightly differently and usually in very poorly written English.

An email will land in your inbox and read something along the lines of this:

Hello! I have very bad news for you.

On…..D/M/YYYY…. I hacked your OS and got full access to your email account Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

Your password was *******

You can change your password but my malware intercepts it every time and tells me what it is.

The email will then go on to explain how they got into your system and planted their malware.

You will then be told they have access to your entire address book of contacts and all your email accounts etc.

Finally, they will say you have been visiting adult sites and there is video proof of you enjoying them, as they were watching and recording you, through your own webcam.

They will ask for payment by Bitcoin and provide instructions on how to do so. If you don’t pay, your private and unintentionally famous video will be sent to each and every person within your email account.

Pretty scary huh?

Often your own email address and a password you used will be written in full as ‘proof’.

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