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30th June 2017
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Sussex based  Shredded Neat is unusual for a local shredding company as it also operates very advanced mobile shredding trucks, which means if you have enough old documents to shred, you can have the data destruction carried out on your own premises

Do I have enough documents to make it worthwhile?

Well a mobile shred of your old documents starts to be worthwhile if you have enough to shred for an hour, which doesn't sound very long does it, but in fact in this time we could shred 50 large sacks or 50, archive boxes for you, or clear 5-6 x (four drawer) filing cabinets

Why should I think about doing this now?

In May next year (2018) there is a new regulation coming in for busiensses, which means that you should not store records in paper form longer then the minimum period required by law.  

Typically, the IRS can come after your business for failing to report income for up to 6 years after your filing if the amount is greater than 25% of your business's gross income. If you filed for a deduction for a bad debt or worthless security, the IRS suggests you keep your supporting tax records for 7 years.

Now however, if you keep excess records of any type, especially with customer details on or staff data and do not destroy it after 6 years, you increase your business risk and could be prosectued from May next year.

What are the penalties for keeping records longer than they need to be?

Under the new GDPR legislation you could be fined up to 4% of your turnover, or 20,000 Euro's and what's worse, if you are a Director of the Company, you could be personally held accountable for a fine of up to 500,000 Euros.

What's the solution if you have a lot of old records?

Well we can bring our £200k mobile shredder to you, it will shred all those documents which can be left in their folder, left with clips and staples and all manner of fastenings, covers, plaastic inserts and polly pockets - our super shredders will shred it all down to 8mm, we have the finest mobile shreder in the United Kingdom

Whats the biggest amount we can shred during a visit?

Well this is controlled by the size of the back of the shredder, fully loaded we can carry 5 tonnes of shredded paper, or about 333 archive boxes or 250 sacks!


Whats happens after the mobile shredder has been?

Once the work is finished, our staff will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that you have had the work done and when it was done.  All the paper goes back to our depot afterwards and is baled into 500 kg paper bales, then off it goes to the papermills to be used in new paper - so it is 100% recycled - so a very good environmental solution.

If the old files were all in boxes, then these can be returned to you after shredding, or we can take them away for you and recycle these as well for no extra charge.

How do I organise my first on-site, mobile shred?

Contact us by phone or email, our offices are open every weekday from around 08.30 - 17.00, and we can usaly respond to emails outside these hours.  

All we need from you is where you are based, when you need the documents shredded by, how and in what the documents are stored in.  If you have ity stored in lots of different containers or places, just take some pictures and send us, or our Director who lives in Eastbourne can come and provide you with an estimate for the work - then you wil be al sorted for next year

Is there any guarantees of security and professionalism?

Of course, we are externally audited by third party assessors as required under ISO 9001, ISO14001 and BS1571 the British Security Standard

Give our team a call on 01323 453257 or e-mail us with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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