One of the great underrated – TRAVEL INSURANCE
21st May 2015
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You’ve booked your yearly holiday or that cheeky weekend away with the girls/lads the last thing on your mind is travel insurance and surely your bank gives it to you with your account???? Who knows, this blog is to make sure you are in the know and with a couple of handy hints.

Never leave the UK without it

Travel insurance is the same as road side assistance or a washing machine engineer, you never think of it, but when you do need it my goodness you really need it.

What should I do?

Travel insurance is easily obtainable and usually you will be offered tiers of cover such as gold, silver or bronze which offer a varied level of cover and price.

Are you into the extreme?

Within your travel policy you will be offered some extras which usually cover some outdoor pursuits, extreme sports and extra medical cover if you need it make sure you look at what is covered if you are planning on partaking in such fun as jet skiing, rock climbing etc.

Remember to cover everything

Medical screenings can be confusing, put simply you will need to declare on any policy before you buy if you have a pre existing medical condition ie high blood pressure, cancer history or strokes, which may have been in the past however you must declare them as if you fall ill on holiday and you have not declared this condition the policy can be void which can prove catastrophic.

Who can help?

Your local One Answer Insurance branch will be able to assist you with the medical screening which does not take long but may cost a little more on top of the policy price itself.

How long will it take?

Travel insurance takes around 10 minutes to book if you pop into your local branch of One Answer Insurance, we can make any phone calls for you and have your policy set up in no time at all after we have read through what is covered and what is not covered and offered you all the options.

How we go the extra mile!

We don’t mind if you would like to the take the opportunity to gloat about your trip whilst in the office, take advantage and chew our ears off about the wonderful things you will be doing, whilst we ensure that you are looked after silently in the background for your peace of mind!

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