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10th July 2015
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"As you may know Neil Povey and Peter Willson have run the Hailsham Festival FM Radio for the last 3 years during the Hailsham Festival of Arts and Culture, and now has come the time when they feel that Hailsham and District could benefit from a full-time community radio station. In order to do this, it is important to get funding and the licence.. We are not asking anyone to cough up any money, but they would appreciate it if you could put together a short piece about your charity or community group, about 2 - 3 mins , with which to address the licence application meeting.   This would include the advantages to your particular group / charity that you feel you would gain from a radio station. An example of this is that you would create awareness by being included in announcements of your ongoing events, and you could get the chance to actually go on the radio and talk about what you do, and what you need. We all need to put our message out there, so I hope you will come forward and support this project."

Pam Robinson

01323 844020

STOPPRESS  -   30th  June 2015

“OFCOM have today issued the invitation for a five-year community radio licence in our area! The closing date for the application is 20th Oct, so it’s now vital that we make the community links to help us win the full time licence”

Peter Willson

07850 889936  

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