Neneh Cherry And Your Website [TOP TIP TUESDAY]
21st June 2022
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Quite an obscure headline I’m sure you’ll agree.
You may be thinking “What on earth has an 80’s and 90’s popstar got to do with my website?”– after all, most of Neneh Cherry’s hits were released before the first websites even existed.
Well, it’s her 1994 track “7 Seconds” that inspired this week’s tip.
You see, unlike 15 years or so ago when you had to wait for a minute or two for a single website to load, internet speeds are now quicker than ever, and people are very comfortable looking at multiple websites in just a few minutes. 
This means that the majority of people will look at a website for - on average – 7 seconds before deciding if they are going to spend any more time on that site or look for another option.
Yes 7 seconds!
So your website is literally, as Neneh says, “7 seconds away” from either potentially getting an enquiry or losing a customer to someone else.
So it’s important that your website loads quickly and showcases your products or services effectively.
And there’s a nifty little tool (that’s FREE!) that will tell you if your website loads quickly and what areas need attention if it’s slower than it should be.
It’s called
You just pop your website address in and give a few moments to scan the URL and it will then give you everything you need to know about how your website is performing.
Something we would all find useful.
Go check it out and let us know how yours performs.
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