Mobile Shredding - Is it right for MY business?
15th June 2017
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Mobile shredding or 'on-site' shredding as it can also be called is simply the process of bringing the shredding technology to your premises.  Sounds simple enough, but of course the process of installing a reliable shredder into a suitable vehicle together with enough storage for the shredded paper afterwards, does require some forethought on behalf of the operator.

Shredded Neat opted to have their mobile shredder custom built, we therefore have a twin-shaft shredder installed into the back of a 12.5 tonne DAF truck, with hydraulic lift for the bins we collect and a paper carrying capacity of 5 tonne, which is about 250 regular secure sacks of shredding or 350 archive boxes worth of documents.

What are the advantages of mobile shredding?

  • All the documentation is destroyed on the premises, so the business owner if they wish can directly witness the destruction of the confidential material
  • Once all the documentation has been destroyed Shredded Neat is able to issue a Certificate of Destruction before we leave the site
  • Your company’s shredded documents are usually mixed in with shredded documents from other companies which will make those documents impossible to reconstruct.
  • It will ensure complete peace of mind, mobile shredding will provide first-hand evidence of destruction so you are 100% sure that the information belonging to your business, customers or employees can never be retrieved by anyone once shredded.

So far, so good, we can do on your premises what we could take away and shred at ours, however there are a number of reasons why it may not be suitable:

  • The mobile shredder is a 12.5 tonne lorry, 17.5 tonnes when full, so you need to know that you have somewhere on your premises that we can get our vehicle close enough to do the shredding. This often precludes locations in very close built up inner city areas, or with old narrow streets
  • Think about noise issues. Whilst a mobile shredder isn't particularly noisy, the engine has to run during shredding as the drive shaft drives the shredder, plus the sound of the shredding knives grinding, and reversing from time to time can cause annoyance. For this reason consideration has to be given to operating in residential areas, or areas where a long shredding job might not be appropriate, for example at a hospice or next to a school.
  • How much confidential waste do you have?  A big truck, with shredder will need a lot of fuel to get to the location, and to carry out the shred, and if like Shredded Neat we are very safety conscious and usually have two members of staff to do our mobile shredding, it will make sense if you have enough shredding to make the work cost-effective.

What do you actually need?

Ask yourself what your shredding needs are first, do you have a lot of old documents that all need destruction as part of a clear out, or to make space.  We refer to these as a purge, removing all unwanted, old documentation, rather than a regular service.  If this is the case, then generally speaking, if there is enough documentation to keep us busy on site for about an hour, then mobile shredding might just be the ticket.  How much shredding can we do in hour, well it's about 40-50 archive boxes, or filled sacks just to give you an idea. Much depends on the density of the documents in the boxes or sacks, but you can see how much you would need for a discrete one-off visit from our mobile shredder.  An hour's on-site shredding will be surprisingly cost-effective for you, if you wanted to get a quote just drop us some details.

You may also be thinking about having a regular on-site shred, and we have customers who have a visit for mobile shredding each week, fortnight, month or even quarterly.  The cost determinant is not how much you have that needs shredding, it's whether you are close to one of our regular mobile, on-site shredding rounds, we operate throughout Sussex.

If you would like to see how our technology works, here is a video produced by AXO for the same equipment as we have in the UK, Click Here to view on YouTube.

Before asking for a quote, think about how much material needs shredding say each month, measure it in sacks or archive boxes, to give us an idea.  If you need lockable containers on your premises to keep the secure material locked away and secure, then we can provide a range of containers, from 70L lockable plastic consoles, to 140L beechwood consoles, or we can provide for large volume customers lockable upright wheelie bins in 140l and 240L sizes.

Where can we provide our mobile shredding services?

At the present time we have regular mobile shredding rounds in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Lancing and Worthing and we hope to be opening a regular mobile shredding round in Eastbourne in the very near future. If you are not sure whether we can provide regular mobile shredding for where you are located just our business development director an idea of how much confidential waste you produce each month and he can work out the various options for providing a regular service. 

What do I need to think about in terms of security?

Well the best advice is to read and follow the advice given by the British Security Industry Association Guide, which sets out the recommended procedures to ensure full security for your shredding. Download a copy of the guide <a href="">BSIA Guide</a> You also need to bear in mind the diameter of the shred cut, as pretty much as far as we are aware, 100% of the UK mobile shredding industry uses a 16mm cut. In this respect, Shredded Neat is pretty much unique as one of our prime USP's is the fact we shred all confidential shredding on our mobile shredder to 8mm.

Take advantage of our current offer !!!

The summer holidays approach and we have taken on new staff who are really great, fully trained, young HGV drivers with a wealth of experience in our industry, so we need to make sure they are busy in summer of 2017, so we have adjusted our pricing for mobile shredding between Mid June to Mid September to make sure we make the most of all this energy and expertise, so if you contact us for either a one-off purge, or to quote for a regular mobile shredding service, just mention the code NEATSHRED2017 to get a full 33% discount on our usual prices.

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