Marketing in Eastbourne is more important than ever
21st September 2018
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How are you currently marketing your business? Are you using social media, print, networking opportunities to raise your brand awareness? If the answer is no or “I plan to at some point..” then this blog is well worth a read.

thebestof Eastbourne offers a number of cost-effective (from a few pounds per day) marketing solutions to businesses of varying sizes, to assist them with growth, and to help them raise their brand awareness to their target customers.

We encourage our members to get stuck in with networking and social media to gather reviews and to share their knowledge. Don’t worry, we won’t just throw you in if you aren’t familiar with this, David Ruddle is always on hand to help. David is the owner of thebestof Eastbourne and has a wealth of transferrable knowledge with all things marketing.

Here is a what David had to say about learning from your mistakes when beginning your marketing journey: “The main difference is I learn from every "failure", after all failure is only an outcome and without an actual outcome how do you know if you are improving?

Though on a positive side I don't fail as often as I used to as every day is a learning experience, and over the years, we have become the local marketing expert’s.  It is wonderful knowing that businesses have confidence in asking us for help. From all of my learning to date I believe that we now present every suitable local business in Eastbourne the opportunity to make their marketing better, maybe even GREAT!”

Harnessing the power of marketing for your business

Though some people think marketing has developed a bad reputation and this is normally where people are "sold" a solution or advert without proper research done. This could also be by the creation urgency, having a time pressure saying, “act now”. We know all about this as we get offered opportunities for my members all the time and find myself in what seemed like endless negotiations about something or other that "they can't miss out on" though we have an extensive track record of picking what we believe will bring enough benefit to the members.

We are proud to hold an outstanding reputation for scrutiny on both our LinkedIn profile and our feature on thebestof Eastbourne. Reviews collected by ourselves and of course, our members are a great energiser for us. When we are asked "are they the best" we can say with confidence their customers think so. With larger companies now starting to promote their reviews more and more it is even more vital that local businesses harness their "word of mouth".

Using reviews to spread the good word about your business

Another great reason to use reviews in your marketing is when you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders you can read what your customers said about you and this should remind you why you got into the business in the first place. You might even take the time to get some customers on video saying nice things about you. We collected some to watch when we need a pick me up. You can see these on our YouTube channel.

If having read this, you think your business should be working in partnership with thebestof Eastbourne give David Ruddle a call on 01323 406060 to talk further about what help you need and if thebestof Eastbourne can support your marketing in Eastbourne.

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