Make Mother's Day Special
2nd March 2015
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There are loads of great ways of spoiling your mum from personalised gifts to a meal out to pampering.   We are even running a competition with Chichester Herald and Worthing Herald to find the best mum in West Sussex!

However, for some of us it can be a time when we realise that mum is getting older or is living alone and you worry about her.  Many people are concerned about what would happen to their parents if they were not able to take an emergency call or if something happened in the middle of the night.   

Personal alarms give family and friends peace of mind that their parent can be connected to a trained team of professionals when they feel vulnerable, at-risk or simply want reassurance.   There might be reluctance on the part of your mother to have a Lifeline but we find that explaining that it is keeping their independence, as they are able to stay living in their own home, helps. People sometimes worry that there will be lots of wires and disruption or they have concerns about the cost. But for £3.58 a week and a simple installation of 15 minutes, Lifeline can provide complete peace of mind.

The Lifeline home unit simply connects to the telephone line, and works with a pendant, which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.   Once you press the button the contact centre staff will assess the situation and connect straight away to the emergency services or friends and family if needed.  There’s no need to worry about remembering phone numbers, someone not being at home to receive the call or disturbing anybody during the night. The pendant can be used from anywhere in the home. If the operator gets no response when they talk via the clear loudspeaker on the Lifeline unit they will still send out help.

As one of our customer’s Mrs N said “I was very anti-Lifeline and was adamant I didn’t need it when my family suggested it and coxed me into having it.  I now see it as my “Lifeline” and also a peace of mind for my family and it has made me think of how very lucky I am to a very loving and supporting family. Welbeing as so wonderful doing an extremely good job looking after everyone” and a lovely comment we had from a customer’s son “Thanks again for the work with my mum. Fabulous!! I mean it”.

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