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18th February 2016
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Take these three simple scenarios: lifting a 50kg weight above your head, completing 50 reps with half that weight, or jumping as high as you can holding a 25kg weight in each hand. Each of them requires a very different type of strength – even though the same amount of weight is involved in each activity.

But athletes and coaches sometimes often overlook this fundamental point when training for strength and power. Equally, regular gym goers (and their trainers) don’t always have the specific training knowledge they need to systematically develop the strength and power they wish to have.

So they spend weeks, even months, lifting weights – with little to show for all that serious effort..

Just ask yourself:

  • Do you know which is the correct muscle fibre to target in the gym – and how to do so, exercise by exercise, for maximum effect? (Most strength training is done much the same way throughout an entire workout, with little regard to the different ways to train each muscle group depending on your strength training or competition objectives)
  • How familiar are you with the full range of different weight training systems – and when it’s best to use them? (Or do you rely much of the time on ‘simple sets’, with perhaps the occasional ‘split set’ routine for variation?)

Crucially, even if you do have some of this information, how expert are you at blending together all the necessary training ingredients into a systematic and progressive program that really works?

If you would like more information on this, or any other aspect of your training, please feel free to contact me.

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