Knowing your Assets from your Elbow!
20th August 2019
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Do you have great ideas for your local community?  Need a bit of inspiration? Well Knowing your Assets from your Elbow is perfect for you! 

When I was asked to programme and deliver this event, I didn't appreciate the complexity of the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD as it's also known).  I knew I wanted to do something different from a normal conference, however.  The title not only made me giggle (to myself as I was walking along and it popped into my head) but also started a thought process that has continued beyond me.  Others are already thinking differently and approaching this event knowing it will be different and getting their creative hats on.  Just think of 'film' and 'cinema' and you are on the right track! 

So what will it be?

Tuesday 24th September will be a day for sharing and celebrating the excellent work, often hidden, that happens within our local communities throughout East Sussex. With an emphasis on inspirational, ‘outside the box’ thinking, discussion and new ideas will be actively encouraged, enhanced by a creative approach that will make this day unlike the ‘normal’ conference experience.

There are many people and organisations that offer the gift of time, experience, talent and materials, professionally and voluntarily, to help make people, places and communities local to them more resilient.  These people, organisations, places / spaces and materials or equipment are often referred to as ‘local assets’ and it is this practice that we will be focusing on, together, for the day.

Perhaps you are one of these people or work / volunteer with a group / organisation in East Sussex. Then come along.  if you are already doing it then you are an expert in your field and we want your expertise at the event. 

Plus every group, organisation or individual attending will also be invited to provide, pre-event, information about themselves and their work to create an information sharing point for the day with a difference! . This will help to generate the perfect opportunity to knwo about and meet others working in the region who might enhance your work and / or community.

The day-long event will be held at the International Tennis Centre on Tuesday 24th September. A light lunch is included.  The attend is free to attend but places are limited so it is important to book.

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