Kia Scrappage Scheme Drives Air Quality Improvement Across The UK
1st September 2017
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Kia Motors is launching a Scrappage Scheme at Eastbourne and West Sussex Kia to small car buyers wanting to switch a car over 7 years old for an All-New Picanto or an All-New Rio- the brand's low-emission models.

A number of scrappage schemes - many applying only to bigger models with higher emission levels - have been launched recently, but the Kia seven year switch scrappage scheme is simple and easy to understand. It applies to all versions of the low-emission Picanto and Rio ranges and is guaranteed as long as the buyer of the new car is also the owner of the car being scrapped.

Both the Picanto and Rio, have dramatically improved emission levels compared to the previous models by as much as 73 grammes per kilometre so owners of cars over seven years old can get the latest safety equipment, technology and comfort as well as helping reduce emissions.

With the brand expecting to sell at least 4,500 Picanto and Rio models in the last quarter of 2017 that could reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 1.6 metric tonns over a similar period of ownership - and that is even if every Picanto or Rio replaces a seven year old similar model! Older cars of any type are eligible for the scrappage bonus could mean even better levels of emission reduction.

The Kia Scrappage Scheme requires no special measures by customers - as long as the details of the old vehicle owner and the new Kia buyer match the bonus is guaranteed. Birchwood and Washington Kia will complete all the paperwork and arrange for the old vehicle to be destroyed through regulated and established channels to get those old cars off the roads!

Eastbourne and Washington Kia look forward to welcoming people from all over the UK to trade their cars for the low-emission Picanto and Rio ranges to help save the enviroment!

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