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18th October 2019
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Are you one of the few that will make it to the top? So many entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut because as soon as you leave the employ of a company YOU become responsible for your personal development.

Training costs not only money but time and as an entrepreneur it is time you can not make more of! Investing in you is just as important as investing in developing your products or services.

My advice to new businesses is always look at what you can outsource… you have the skills to sell YOU and that will make you money to pay for other things to be done. If you are spending your time on the £10 an hour jobs the £1000 an hour jobs don’t get done.

I see it as my role in thebestof Eastbourne to keep an eye on all things marketing along with other looking out for opportunities for my business members. By being a resource to them in how to make their marketing work effectively they can focus their time and energy on staying at being the best they can be.

Along the way we generate lots of ideas and we want ALL businesses to be successful so to help Business owners get to the point they can join us as members we are sharing weekly business tips and access to our Business Hub on Facebook!

Wondering what sort of tips you would get. So far we have shared tips about:

  • Following Up
  • Call Answering
  • Following Up
  • The 3 Line Email
  • Google My Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Deadlines
  • Guarantees
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Each tip is something you may choose to implement in your business! I strongly believe that ideas are easy it is the implantation that is hard! That is why I am happy to share these… if you need help and want to know more about the marketing support on offer from thebestof Eastbourne give me a call on 01323 458125.

If all you want is the want to have access to our Business Hub on Facebook you can request to join via the link below. Remember though this group has a strict NO ADVERTISING policy and any non-member promoting their business in the group will be removed. Please do not abuse our offer of free help and should anyone contact you indirectly as being part of the group please report them to us ASAP.


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David Ruddle

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I have been helping raise the profile of local businesses and community organisations since 2011. If you need help please contact me.

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