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11th June 2013
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I should start by saying I am obsessed with the notion of random acts of kindness. I've paid for people's shopping, I've given up my place in a queue, I've bought food for homeless people and I've even spontaneously bagged up half of my wardrobe and taken it to a charity shop. Just one act of kindness can make a difference and that's something that not only makes you feel good and makes other people feel good but helps the world go around.

The real secret to the power of random acts of kindness is the element of surprise. When something is unexpected it heightens the emotions - so it can be extra scary when it's unexpected, or indeed super pleasant and, in the case of random acts of kindness, heartwarming, too. My businesses is built on creating extraordinary experiences for customers and one of the simplest ways to create memorable and powerful moments for your customers is to think about random acts of kindness and how you can deliver the unexpected: create unexpected service experiences that will, therefore, heighten the emotional impact of them.

Now the only 'rule' about random acts of kindness is that you should carry them out with absolutely no intent or expectation of receiving anything in return. For example, unseen by the customer, how about you add a discount voucher to their bag, or a free gift? Free gift wrapping, luxury wrapping as standard (you know the sort the girls get in La Senza with the smelly bits and the tissue paper and a sticker?) or even something as straight forward as freshly baked cookies or cakes, for customers while they browse. Maybe you send them a hand written thank you note and put it in the post after they've left. Your imagination really is the limit. The key here though is that these additions; these unexpected "acts of kindness" should be presented in an understated way - almost like this is business as usual for you.

These random, unexpected acts help to cement loyalty with your existing customers as they're made to feel special and see that they're getting much more for their money and loyalty when they shop with you. These are the little things that the big brands often miss out. And what's more, these are the little things that make a really big difference and help to attract new customers because when we hear of something a little bit different or somewhere where you're made to feel valued, we all want to experience a part of that, too. What random acts of kindness could you start to do this week?

Jez Rose is The Behaviour Expert. For more information and free resources to help you deliver extraordinary customer service, visit: www.thebehaviourexpert.com. Jez's new book Have A Crap Day is out now and you can save £5 with promo code SUPERHERO.

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