How To Overcome Writer's Block? Ideas On Tap!
16th February 2021
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Writing content or thinking of something to put out in your socials can feel like it comes naturally one day and then horribly challenging the next. 
Do you get stuck with a blank page? Suffer from “Writers Block”? 
Not putting content out because you have nothing ‘interesting’ or ‘profound’ to say? 
Well… here’s a cool little tool that’s been used for inspiration when struggling to put pen to paper/ fingers to the keyboard…
Days of the Year is an online calendar of all of the world’s weird, funny, wonderful, unknown and bizarre holidays – it REALLY DOES help on those head fuzz days. 
There’s no excuse to be stuck in the ‘writer’s block weeds’ anymore. 
Make sure you show up. Show up on the exciting days AND the boring days.
Show up today, tomorrow and every day.
Happy writing! 

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