How to keep safe at home this Bonfire Night
5th November 2015
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Throughout autumn, bonfires and firework displays are being held at schools, in parks and at venues across the UK to commemorate Guy Fawkes, Britain’s most notorious traitor. In 1605, Guy was part of a group of thirteen men who were led by Robert Catesby to blow up the Houses of Parliament and overthrow the king. But, the Gunpowder Plot was foiled and Guy was captured in the cellar under the House of Lords with 36 barrels of gunpowder in the early hours of November 5th. On the very same night, bonfires were set alight to celebrate the safety of the King which is why the date is called Bonfire Night. For more historic detail click here

To date, the biggest bonfire night celebrations and parades are hosted by eight bonfire societies in Lewes, East Sussex where hundreds of thousands of people flock to enjoy the spectacular and very loud displays. In light of the ever growing popularity of fireworks, bonfires and sparklers community safety partnerships have been setup throughout the UK, such as the multi-agency Bright Sparx Campaign run by West Lancashire Borough Council, Operation Good Guy run by Staffordshire County Council and Bonfire Night Safety by The Fire Fighters Charity.

Here are a few of our own tips to help you keep safe at bonfires and firework displays:

  1. Please only attend professionally organised bonfire events as these must adhere to strict fire safety regulations and will have guided paths and safe firework viewing areas laid out.
  1. For personal health reasons it may be better to enjoy fireworks displays from inside if you suffer from any heart conditions or respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.
  1. If you agree to attend a fire work display, you may wish to take ear defenders for noise sensitive, elderly friends and young children, so they can enjoy the fireworks without being frightened by the loud bangs.

Regardless of whether you are able to participate in Halloween or visit firework displays and bonfires, wrap up warm and please don’t suffer in silence. In case you feel unsafe or unsure about what is happening, phone someone who is nearby to you (a relative, friend or a helpful neighbour). If at any point you feel threatened, please contact the police on 101 or 999 only in an emergency. If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, police text phone is available on 18001 101.

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