How to display your business reviews on your website?
30th June 2022
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After putting in the effort to increase your reviews, and as a sensible business owner, you'd want it to be as easy as possible for your potential customers to be able to see these reviews.

But with so many places for people to go to see them, people don't have the time or patience now to flip from Google, to Facebook, to Trustpilot, to TripAdvisor, to Checkatrade etc to check you out fully.

And it can be frustrating if half your reviews are in one place and half are in another – your potential customers may only think you’re half as good as you actually are!

So wouldn't be great to be able to have ALL the reviews from multiple platforms all in one place?

Well here at thebestof, we believe that you deserve your hard work to be, not only recognised but to be showcased effectively so that you can truly be seen as one of the best businesses in your town.

That's why we now have the ability to accumulate ALL your reviews from multiple platforms and show them on your feature on thebestof website. We already have, Checkatrade, Expedia, Facebook, Google, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor and Yell with more coming soon.

Just imagine…

All your reviews, From all the major review sites, All in one place, All of the time.


We can even supply you with a simple piece of code so you can show and even collect reviews on your own website!!

And what’s more, when someone leaves a review on any of the sites, it automatically updates on your feature on thebestof site AND on your own website – so no extra work for you to do at all.

Genius, but it's probably hard to set up I heard you say? Not at all. The short video below shows how to generate your HTML code for your website. Though we do recommend you get your web designer to do this for you.

This is just one of the tools thebestof has developed to help our business members, if you would like to use the widget or help with your local marketing contact David Ruddle on 01323 406060 or contact him through him via thebestof Eastbourne contact form.

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