How do I learn to play golf?
12th February 2015
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Why learn to play golf?

Golf is a great sport for many reasons. Firstly it is a very sociable sport whether playing in small group or big tournament you will share the time with other people with the same interest. What more, golf is a sport which is played outdoors meaning you can gain exercise benefits in the fresh air, something a gym session cannot offer. The health benefits of golf are often overlooked but they come in abundance. The main benefits include

  • Non intensive cardio exercise
  • Burn over 600 calories per round
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved range of motion and coordination
  • Feeling of well being, focus and determination learning a new skill

Many 1000’s of people will learn to play golf this year making the most of all of the factors mentioned above. Above all else however golf is a great fun!!

Where can I learn to play golf?

All golf clubs will provide golf lessons to beginners through to elite players. Select a lesson type which suits your needs as some people who may feel a little pressured with one to one sessions with a coach my prefer a more sociable group taster session. As with any new hobby make sure it is fun and find a facility and coach who make you feel at ease and that you can utilise to their fullest.

Can anyone go to a golf club?

YES!! Golf clubs have had a stigma in the past of being snobby, upper class, men only facilities; this is really not the case. All golf clubs will welcome new players and will do everything they can to make sure you leave happy.

The modern golf club nowadays is more of health/country club come function facilities. At Willingdon Golf Club we host a number of events including weddings, conferencing, parties and networking events as well as the golfing activities.

Do I need my own golf clubs?

No, you will not need your own clubs straight away. There is no point in investing in equipment until you know you enjoy the sport. Make the most of free club hire from the golf pro at the club and experiment around lessons to ensure you like the game. If you get the bug then seek the advice of your coach and they will advise you on which clubs will suit both your game and your pocket.

How much are golf lessons?

Golf lessons can cost anything from £5 to £50 and you may even manage to pick up a few free taster sessions as well. Check out club websites such as and you will see what lesson options are available. Group lessons are ideal for beginners and generally cost around £5 per hour with the added benefit of being in a group of like minded and similar ability golfers.

What do I do next?

Call your local golf professional. Dan Gale, Club Professional at Willingdon Golf Club, offers a variety of lesson programmes at various prices to suit you. Give him a call on 01323 410984.

Thank you for reading and happy golfing.

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