Hotel Secrets - The story behind Accommodation in Eastbourne
8th August 2019
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Ex-hotelier Harry Pope has written a book about his time owning The Sheldon here in Eastbourne. It’s called Hotel Secrets, and starts off with what occurred three months into ownership in partnership with a Californian businessman. In front of the business banker, accountant, and solicitor, he told everyone that the hotel would have to send £6,000 every month just to service his credit card debts. He was astounded when informed this just couldn’t happen.

Harry takes you through the thrills of running a £1m 28 bedroom hotel, staffing, difficult guests, demanding business partner, who suggested buying a fountain for the front garden coming from a Northampton factory ‘just around the corner’ costing £10,000.

Hotel Secrets is available on Amazon at £3.99 for the e-version, or printed at £5.99 here’s the link to Buy Online

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