Haulaway explains - Why Should I Recycle Cardboard
20th October 2017
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With an average of 12.5 million tons of cardboard and paper being used in the UK per year and a high proportion of this being for cardboard packaging, it has become one of the largest waste products (by weight) in your rubbish bin.

The benefits that recycling your cardboard has on the environment:

We all know we should be recycling more, however here are some of the effects on the environment from recycling cardboard.

Decrease in Deforestation


Cardboard is produced in a similar way to paper-based products and is often manufactured from tree pulp obtained by harvesting trees. Clean cardboard is easy to recycle into new paper products decreasing the need to use trees for pulp.  Every 1 ton of cardboard recycled saves 17 trees!

Decrease in Water Use


The pulping process uses a vast amount of water. Implementing recycling programmes into your workplace could assist in decreasing the amount of water used. Every 1 ton of cardboard recycled saves 7000 gallons of water!

Decrease in Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Using recycled material such as cardboard to produce paper-based products uses less energy than using trees. It also assists in decreasing the use of fossil fuels and other energy sources that produce greenhouse gases. Every 1 ton of cardboard recycled saves energy consumption by 5000kwh and 1 ton of CO2 emissions.

Here at Haulaway we have a 100% recycle rate for cardboard. To find out about our cardboard collection service or other ways we can assist you in your cardboard recycling please call 01323 453258. Alternatively, visit our website www.haulaway.co.uk

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