19th June 2020
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I was on a business master mind training day today, and this statement come up.
I loved it!!!
It reminded me of another saying, "Attitudes are infectious, is yours worth catching?"
I think working in a team and as a leader, our attitude at work and how we treat people, and how we want to be treated comes down to one thing.....being happy.
  • If we are happy, people want to work for and with you.
  • If we are happy, people want to spend time with you.
  • If we are happy, we will attract other happy people.
  • If we are happy, we are going to have a happy day.
I think we all have times when shit gets us down, and we are not real happy then.
But, and yes here comes the but, we all know that. But dont let that unhappy MOMENT make an unhappy day, an unhappy week, an unhappy existence.
"Stuff" happens, and sometimes we are not happy, sometimes its good to be pissed off.
But, for the most part strive be BE HAPPY in everything you do and in everything you are.
I am happy and content 95% of the time. This does not mean i walk around with a huge grin on my face and jumping up and down like the mad hatter....but it does mean that i am not moping around either.
People can see i am happy and content. They talk to me and can her this also.
One of my passions is to help, teach and inspire people to achieve what they deem to be THE PERFECT 10 LIFE.
THE PERFECT 10 - RICHARD CANTON 'S LIFESTYLE ACADEMY is one way that i plan to do this.
I am about to start some BLOGS & VLOGS, which will be featured on this page and on the website.
I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and my happiness with you.
Have an amazing weekend.
Stay happy, Richard.
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