Getting in a Star Wars frenzy
30th May 2014
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As filming for the next instalment of Star Wars gets underway here in the UK (just up the road in fact!), it makes it a little easier to cope with The Walking Dead and Arrow withdrawals I’m currently suffering with since the seasons’ end.

There are great things in the world of sci-fi to look forward to: the spin-off from Arrow of The Flash (remember that lightning strike and Felicity’s ‘close friend’ in a coma?); The Big Bang Theory gets better and better and Bones has me visibly cringing over my chilli con carne (their props team must have a blast making up the ‘blood and guts).

TV aside, real life sci-fi action is coming to Eastbourne this Halloween (appropriate timing) with Wyntercon at the Winter Garden Theatre. Last time I was there it was for a a sterling rendition of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, so a bit of a different bag, but I’m nothing if not eclectic.

Who’s coming?

Wyntercon is the ultimate sci-fi, fantasy, horror and alternative genre convention, perfect for you if you’re re-watching Buffy for the tenth time and can’t miss an episode of American Horror Story (surely it’s not just me?).

For Wyntercon this October, it’s time to get in on the group action. Star Wars fans rejoice: The Galactic Knights have been confirmed! This special costuming group brings together sci-fi enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the stars and characters of movies, TV, comics and video games. Raising money and awareness for the many charities they support, The Galactic Knights present such a high standard of costume design, you may just do a double take or two! Check out their website and watch out for Stoomtroopers, Darth Vadar plus Batman, The Joker and more at Wyntercon in Eastbourne this Halloween.

Who else is in?

UK fundraising group UK Garrison, whose movie accurate Star Wars costumes will amaze you. I’m secretly hoping for a Jar Jar - but this may be unlikely for the unpopular CGI character. If someone does dress up as him though – you will be my best friend for the weekend.

All we need now is Darth Vadar and C-3PO. What are you up to in October David Prowse? Fancy a trip to the Sunshine Coast. We’d love you to be there!

Meanwhile, I’ll be swatting up on the ‘Wookiepedia’…

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