Getting Eastbourne Fit Online!
30th May 2016
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Did they just give you a program on day 1 then not make any contact again until it was time for you to renew your membership?

· Was there always a queue for the equipment? Was it an environment you didn't feel comfortable in? Did they fail to update your training program regularly in order to prevent you from "hitting the wall"?

· Remember that nearly 80% of people who join a gym only ever use their memberships for the first month.

· Have you tried to get fit at home or outside of a gym but lost interest because of lack of variety or because you didn't see any results?

· Have you taken loads of fitness classes but wished you could have an exercise program that was structured to your specific needs rather than the needs of the other 25 people in the room with you?

· Do you wish you could have an on-site personal trainer to help you achieve your goals but at £40-£100 for a 1 hour session it's just not something that you can afford?

My Online Health & Wellness program could be the answer to all of these problems!

So, what's included?       

Weekly information and coaching that is constantly evolving. Such as…..

  • Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Personal Coaching & Education
  • Ongoing Support & Motivation
  • Workouts & Exercises Of The Week
  • Follow Ups & Reviews

...... and the knowledge that you have me, a fully qualified, with over 16 years experience in your corner giving you 1 to 1 advice, guidance and motivation.

All the service & expertise you would expect from an on-site personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost!

I'm just about to launch this service,!! take advantage of my FREE 2 week try. Contact me now for more information!

I can't wait for you to see it!

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Jon Morgan is a fitness expert and transformation specialist from Eastbourne ( East Sussex, UK ). Having worked with professional athletes and everyday people Jon uses his innovative techniques, education...

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