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5th April 2016
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The workshops are very relaxed and help to build confidence and social skills. 
Many people who are unable to work due to health conditions feel very isolated; the workshops give people the opportunity to meet others in similar situations and to make tiny steps towards a better and more fulfilled life and brighter future. 

Some of the workshops that we offer include: art and music therapyconfidence boosting workshopscookinggardeningemployability skillscard makingknitting and sewingunderstanding depressionunderstanding anxietyunderstanding bipolarunderstanding anxietyfirst aidhealthy eating and many more.

One of our learners Jason says “I have made more friends here with the Training Now! family than I have in the past six years, everyone is so friendly!, Training Now! welcomes any individual with open arms”.

If you are claiming ESA and would like to join some of our workshops then please contact Sophie on 01323 887199 or email

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