Emojis make an impact! How Do You Use Yours? 🤔
9th February 2021
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Emojis have been around for a long time now.
They’re now common place online and in text messages (especially amongst the younger generations!). 
But they can also make a huge difference to your email open rates.
There’s been some great success recently by using these little guys in email subject lines. 
They stand out in the inbox, increase open rates and engagement! 
Which, as we know, can lead to more conversations and more sales.
So let’s see how they work...
You can use emojis in most CRM systems and email providers. Head over to www.GetEmoji.com and you can see a whole host of emojis you can use. 
Depending on your device you’ll either see a black and white or colour version of the emoji. 
Let’s look at a case study from a business we know.
The purpose of the email was to speak to the prospect after they’d engaged with some content sent to them.
Subject line: Fancy a chat John ☎️
So, they thought it would be fun to put the red phone emoji in the subject line. 
However, the impact was huge!
They were averaging a 30% open rate previously, but adding this little red phone pushed that up to over 55%! 
The reason is simple. Your email stands out! 
On the majority of devices the emoji is a burst of colour in a text heavy inbox. But even in the rare case it’s black & white, it’s still a welcome change from the monotony of text. 
You’re not limited to just one emoji either.
There’s hundreds of emojis to choose from but if you’d like some help choosing the most relevant one(s) for your email subject line then give us a shout.

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