Eastbourne’s Award-Winning, Multi-Genre Convention Returns for its Second Halloween
7th April 2015
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WynterCon defied all expectations 2014 by turning the usually staid seaside town into a venue for all sorts of fantasy, horror and alternative culture fans to bring family, friends - and the curious - to see what they were so enamoured of.

Set in the historic and picturesque Winter Gardens, the event brought comic artists, film stars, fantasy artists, authors, cosplay enthusiasts and many specialised traders under one roof for a Halloween weekend of discovery and fun. Evening entertainments included cult films at local venues and a Steampunk-themed live music event.

Even before the final day had closed and the clean-up commenced, Andy Kybett and his team had turned their attention toward making WynterCon 2015 a better event – a difficult task, but as it turns out, nowhere near impossible.

This year WynterCon remains at the Winter Gardens, but brings a different ‘dance card’ to the event, with a Magic: The Gathering tournament, a full-size ED-209 Enforcement Droid and Tim Burton’s Batmobile (at twenty-two feet long and eight feet wide, it was a challenge getting it round the corners and through the doors). There will be R2-D2s from the the R2-D2 Builder’s and Fans group and there are even Jawas on the staff roster!

Returning guests include comic artist Richard Starkings, actress Virginia Hey, actors Julian Seager and Spencer Wilding. Cosplay groups Iconic Legion, Halo Cosplay UK (HCUK) and Thanet Cosplay (Thanet cos) will be reprising their presence from last year. There will also be a series of 20-minute plays, talks and skits by guest presenters on the new Ulysses stage in the bistro area. In the expanded RPG zone, there will be game sessions running all day each day, with many new games for visitors to try.

In addition, there will be multiple traders, with everything from the latest games to Golden Age comics, alternate fashion, artwork, Steampunk paraphernalia, replica movie props and weapons. Evening entertainment will be a sci-fi themed Cabaret - with a few surprise guests - on Friday evening, and a Halloween fancy dress ball on Saturday evening.

Make a note on your calendar: October 31st and November 1st 2015. It’s going to be worth at least one visit. 

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