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4th April 2017
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Many people with disabilities find accessing services particularly retail challenging, difficult or virtually impossible. Businesses could be missing out on a sizeable number of customers with money to spend.

If you can't easily get into commercial premises, find your way around once inside or be able to communicate with the service provider's representative, why would you bother to try.

These are just three scenarios that confront disabled people every day so no wonder they give up and avoid difficult retail or service environments taking their spending power elsewhere, most likely the online retailer. With careful thought and the often modest financial impact, these situations can be eliminated and new customers welcomed. 

A small portable ramp to overcome that awkward step will be seen as a welcoming gesture by a trader who cares about customer welfare as would a desk based hearing loop costing less than £200.00 enabling those with seriously impaired hearing to communicate and hear advice given rather than guess what they couldn't hear. 

Thoughtful colour schemes for posters, labels and price tags with clear font may not be as attractive as coloured backgrounds with pastel printing, often in fancy fonts that may as well be blank cards to the visually impaired. 

People with impairment tend not to draw attention to their difficulty so 'not wishing to make a fuss' they will avoid what they perceive as potential difficulties and leave. Don't lose trade this way. 

Word of a friendly and accessible shopping environment will spread quickly. Be at the forefront of accessible shopping.

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