Do you sing? CAN you sing? Do you WANT to sing?
5th July 2022
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Let’s start at the beginning (do I hear someone humming Do Re Me from the Sound of Music?!)…

Do you sing?  Many people sing.  In the shower. In the kitchen.  In the bath.  At work.  Some even do it without realising they’re doing it out loud. 

Can you sing?  Lots of people think they can sing, and rely on good friends to tell them that, actually, it may not be quite as melodious as they think….but equally there are many who can but are shy about it, or who used to sing in another choir and haven’t for a while.  Could that be you?

I sing.  I have sung since I was very small.  To quote the words, almost, of an Abba song, my mum said that I was singing before I started talking.  I used to walk round the house with a hymn book which, I now realise, must have been on “permanent loan” from our local church, and sing in the belief that I was actually looking at and reading the words and music.  I wasn’t.  I did however continue with this love of mine and learnt every word of Ferry Cross The Mersey by Gerry and The Pacemakers, and wandered round the house warbling “fairy trossa mary” – my toddler’s interpretation of the words – at high volume.  Onwards to primary school and I get picked for the school choir.  I am in heaven.  Secondary School – the same happens.  Sixth Form College – again I am auditioned and accepted into the choir.  Throughout all of this I was in the church choir, appearing in amateur pantomime and then, after leaving full time education, went on to join various adult choirs.  Why am I telling you all of this nonsense?  Well, I guess it’s really my journey into Concentus back in 2005, and answers the 2nd question – I must be able to sing.  Hussah!  The bonus throughout this journey was that I was always in a music class, I learnt to read music and I have had some amazing experiences in some wonderful locations. 

Now what is all this leading to? 

My final question to you is Do YOU want to sing?  My journey into Concentus was a fortunate one.  You do need to be able to hold a line according to your singing range in Concentus, but you don’t have to be able to read music.  There is plenty of help available.  The choir is very welcoming, it doesn’t just stick to singing – a number of social events are planned throughout the year.  Concentus is keen to welcome new members for the new term starting on 5th September.  Rehearsals are on a Monday night at Willingdon Community School, Broad Road, Wlllingdon from 7.15pm until 9.30pm.   

Music, and singing, can be very powerful in terms of your wellbeing.  There is something about the shared experience of producing a wonderful sound to an appreciative audience that simply can’t be described in words.  It speaks to your heart and your mind.

Feeling like you want to know more?  Then give us a call - Claire - 07920430162, or Sue – 07789343514.

We can’t wait to welcome you.  

Chrissie, Concentus member since the very beginning (and still loving it!)

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