Did you do it yourself? Tool Hire for the bank holiday week that is!
24th August 2013
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Tool Hire can be tricky, from not knowing the proper name or if there is a better tool available. That is when you need someone you can trust.

At Alandale Plant Hire the long-standing team have years of experience and can advise you on what you need to do the job right. You don't want to hire a full-size digger when a kango hammer will do the job.

Investing in tools is not just the cost to purchase you have to think about. You have to store and maintain the tools. So unless you are going to be using them all the time hiring the tools can be a great saving long term.

Who hires tools?

Well, both commercial and private individuals hire tools all the time. Builders often need specific tools for a job and instead of stockpiling expensive tools that may be job specific they can be hired and returned on completion.

You also get the benefit of advice on how to use it properly. Just because you can hire a tool does not mean you should ignore the health and safety implications and Alandale Plant Hire can ensure you have all the necessary personal protective equipment or PPE as they say on site.

So next time you are digging holes or just battling on a project give Tony a call on 01323 458129 and ask is there a tool for this that can make my life easier...

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