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11th June 2016
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I met up with 45 constituents on Monday of this week who visited the Houses of Parliament in my first ever tour coach tour of Westminster for an intimate look at the Houses of Commons and Lords.  I was pleased to show them around the Commons chamber and discussed where I sit and how parliamentary procedure works as well as taking questions. I also pointed out a special plaque dedicated to former Eastbourne MP Ian Gow.

It appears that everyone had a great time and it was a real pleasure to take the group around, reliving taking my oath, my maiden speech and some of moments of high drama in the chamber over the last year. 

There were quite a few questions and I had to be on my toes about protocols, Parliamentary language and customs, plus quite a bit of interest about where I sit which is nearly always in a noisy back row!

I will be making sure these tours continue as it’s really important that as many local people as possible get a chance to come to Westminster and see where our laws are made and get an insight into how I do my job. There will be regular tours from Autumn onwards and they cost £20 with the price including a light lunch and a return coach trip from Eastbourne to London. No profit is made from these tours.

To make enquiries about booking a tour and you are an Eastbourne or Willingdon constituent, contact my office on or call 409000

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