Celebrating Social Media Day in Eastbourne
29th June 2016
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June 30th is Social Media day and so I thought it is an opportune moment to take stock on how Social Media is developing generally.

In these uncertain times in the aftermath of the EU Referendum, Social Media is acting as a repository of people’s thoughts and emotions. Whilst we may not like certain behaviours on social, or all that we read and see, social media does give us the ultimate say in what we see and what we engage with.

There is no doubt that social media has rallied people together and can be a power of good, as well as bad. Just like in real life, we all have a voice and a chance to say what we think. How we behave and use that power will always be down to the individual.

In normal everyday life, we have access to almost anything we want from the point of view of information, as well as access to goods and services.

Our ability to connect with people we know, and people we may not know based on interests, is transforming how we interact as a society as well as the way we do business.

We each have a role to play in ensuring that Social Media continues to be mostly a power for good, and despite these challenging times, make the most of the opportunities it can bring to us, and bring us together.

The power of video and Live broadcast – do not get left behind!

By now you will have noticed just how much video is taking over almost every social media platform. Facebook Live is already having an impact on live broadcasting and interaction taking inspiration from Periscope and other apps that came before it.

Check out this article by Social Media Examiner: Click Here

2016 into 2017 will see the rise of Snapchat as an everyday broadcast platform. As a business you need to start familiarising yourself with this platform and its potential benefits to your business. This platform is of particular importance if you are in the events or entertainment industry.

See: www.socialmediaexaminer.com

Training people as well as businesses

I have recently begun to deliver workshops for people to use social media effectively, and I can also help individuals through one to one training.

People remain nervous on being on social media if they are new to it. Training takes the pain out of the unknown, and empowers you to enjoy social media safely.

So if you are new to the world of social and want to understand how to get the best results from social whilst staying safe, contact me for more information.

Happy Social Media Day everyone!

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