Business Networking - Developing your Elevator Pitch
15th March 2018
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A perfectly crafted Elevator Pitch can be the difference between a sale and an enquiring potential customer being called away for their flight whilst you’re finding your words.

This blog has been constructed to help you and your team develop an effective Elevator pitch to bring with you to your next networking event. So, the first thing to think about is;

What do you offer your customers?

When thinking about this, it’s best to stick to the end product or result. Such as "I can improve your internet connection, phone system, and cybersecurity measures for a highly competitive rate”.

What is your USP?

Your Unique Selling Point, or USP, is what distinguishes you from your competitors. It’s what you can deliver to the customer that the competitor down the street can’t. Familiarising yourself with your USP helps you to construct a powerful elevator pitch.

Creating your USP - fill in the gaps

  1. We help... (Fill in your target audience)
  2. Do... (What you do and how you make it unique)
  3. Even if... (Your worse case scenario)

Who is your ideal customer?

We asked our business members to tell us their USP and Dent Devils - Jon Taylor said: "I’m the only Paintless Dent Repair Master Technician in the County. We offer guaranteed satisfaction"

The call to action... What is it they need to do now?

We help the best and aspiring business owners in Eastbourne get found, get noticed and improve their relationship with existing customers. Even if they don’t have a website or social media presence of their own!

And now for the sign-off…

If you have done everything right so far and still need to close the sale, you have one last chance to leave a great impression on your prospective customers. Something that makes people laugh or a catchy phrase.

One I heard years ago, and they are no longer in the industry was a bank manager and his memory hook went something like this "Thinking of money matters? Then think of RobIN the Bank" This always got a chuckle, and yes, robbing the bank could be a short-term solution but ultimately causing yourself a long-term career problem.

Please download the template for you to print out and begin crafting your winning 60-second sales pitch. It will serve you well in BNI or any of the other networking meetings and even in those unpredictable encounters when someone says, "So, what do you do?" your calm and powerful elevator pitch could make the difference between an inquiry going cold and a new customer.

Download our Cheat Sheet to help with your preparation - Click Here

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