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15th March 2017
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You’ve arranged a spectacular event, now all you need is the right photographer to capture the day or evening in the best way possible, but who do you choose?

Many companies hold corporate events on a regular basis. These could be annual award evenings, monthly networking lunches or quarterly conferences.

Whatever the occasion, there is usually the need for a professional photographer on site to capture details and key and candid moments.

As with many disciplines in photography, corporate events are a skill in themselves. It’s not as simple as picking up a camera and taking a picture. Finding the right, (and that does not always mean cheapest) photographer is key to your event being covered in the way you want it to be.

An experienced event photographer will firstly take a detailed brief from you and come back with the price. Don’t expect them to settle for whatever is left over in your budget, these guys are pro’s and expect to be paid as such!


To give you a general rule of thumb, for an experienced event photographer you should be budgeting anything from £500 to £1000 per day and if the evening is required adding on an extra £400 to £500. So overall allowing £1500 for your photography will ensure you’re getting someone who knows what they’re doing and will deliver the best results. As a side note if you’re thinking of using the images within a marketing campaign double check usage and licencing rights with the photographer as this could be an extra cost on top of the creation fee.

A professional photographer will always send you a contract to sign and this should detail all the information agrees, including cost and timings of work, and the type of work entailed. This is to protect not only you but the photographer, as when shooting an event, they won’t have time for an unexpected head shot session with a member of staff that couldn’t make the studio session the week before!

If your event is away from home you will also need to provide accommodation and meals for the photographer, (preferably in the same hotel as you and your staff) this is so they’re close to the action and can get to the venue early and easily.


Most event photographers including myself charge 50% deposit up front with the booking. This is to secure the date and acts as a security if the worst came to the worst and the event was cancelled, it’s unrealistic to expect work to be found to replace the expected income. At this point, don’t be surprised if you’re asked for the total amount agreed.

When it comes to conducting at your event, a professional will know how to act during. If they’ve taken a detailed brief and they’ve been given all the relevant information by the client. i.e.; Key speakers, candid shots, group shots wanted, nothing should be missed.

Make sure your photographer knows your requirements before they start. Ensure that you’ve discussed and agreed the turnaround time for the images to come back to you. Don’t leave this until the day, the chances are you’ll be left disappointed.

Once the event is over and you have your images, you must pay the balance of your invoice. This ensures your relationship with your photographer is a long and happy one. Investing in your event photography and a professional is a worthwhile practice and one that will elevate your company above your competition.


For more details on event photography and to enquire about costs in the East Sussex area contact Sarah Walker-Bennett at Artemi Photography at or call 01323 458128

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