Eastbourne Book Festival 2015 - Behind the Scenes
7th May 2015
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It's May? Already? Really? What happened to April? (and February come to that).

It's all go behind the scenes here at Eastbourne Book Festival HQ - we have local authors signing up and more and more by the day, publishers are lined up and the national writing competition is nearly (so very nearly) ready to go live.

We still need local writers, poets and non-fiction writers - this is your chance to promote yourselves, your books and spread the word to a wider audience - so please get in touch, spread the word, like our Facebook page and spread the word.

We have tables to hire, space to rent and a huge audience just waiting to read your words.   

One thing I have noticed in the literary world, is that I have been introduced to books that I may never have chosen to read but after speaking to the author, I have been utterly compelled to buy the book and read it ... and I've loved them.

So spread the word, tell your writer friends and get them in touch with us.

Our website is here   and please email me at lou@ebbookfestival.org



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