bogus callers - a warning from Welbeing
27th January 2013
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It was reported in the Herald today that a bogus caller has claimed to be from "Lifeline" saying that a refund was due and bank details were required to process. The person they were calling in Kent was suspicious and rightly so ended the call without sharing her bank details.

Please remember to be on your alert and never provide bank details over the phone. Companies have procedures in place and it is rare they would ever need to contact you for these to process a transaction.

Mark Bannister from Welbeing said, “This lady deserves great credit for quickly realising it was a bogus call and acting so swiftly to let us know. We would never action a refund in this way and if a refund was due a cheque would be sent. Anyone receiving a telephone call of this nature should hang up immediately.”

If you are concerned and wish to contact Lifeline (Welbeing) please see their details here.

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