Blackbird by David Harrower - the dreaded monologue
25th April 2012
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Tonight is monologue night.  Holly has a 10 page monologue in 'Blackbird'.  I always allocate one or two individual rehearsals to work on those size speeches.

Holly and I are quite adept at working on monologues, as our previous production, 'Little Gem' was monologue driven, and they were all that size, and larger (with a North Dublin accent thrown in)!

There are good and bad aspects to the monologue.

Good points:  For me, I find them relatively easier to learn than general lines.  I am able to picture and follow the story in my head, and if I go wrong, I only have me to affect and blame!  Also, no cue lines to have to worry about (especially from those dreaded actors that paraphrase!  Nothing worse than learning all your cue lines exactly, to then find the actor gives you the gist of what the line is, and not the actual line). 

Bad points:  Pulling them off!

As a director, I tend to spend a lot of time with the actor breaking down the monologue into 'chunks', focusing on pacing, pauses, thought processes and timing.  They are not an easy part of an actors job to get right, it's all about the balance.  I have in my time, been entralled by listening to an actors monologue, and equally, have found myself thinking about the price of eggs (£1.48) if the piece is not performed well.

And they say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. . .

'Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of a witness.'  Margaret Millar

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