Blackbird by David Harrower - letting go of that security blanket
14th May 2012
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So yesterday's rehearsal was the first one with books down (no scripts in hand).  That first rehearsal without the actor's 'security blanket' is a scary one, because then they really have to start acting!

The less characters in a play, the more an actor has to learn.  Personally, I find it easier to act with a smaller cast, not so many people to chip in with lines.  Nothing worse than sitting in a scene for 10 minutes, not having any lines bar the odd word here and there, as you have to really concentrate on where they come in.

So what happens when that security blanket is ripped so brutally from an actors hands?  Firstly, panic sets it, eyes dart around the room looking for the replacement security blanket - the prompt!  We don't have prompts on the actual performance nights, but during rehearsals someone is always on book to help out.

The next thing that happens, is actors suddenly realise they have two hands and two arms and don't know what to do with them.  Up until now, one set have held a book.  Now there are two sets of limbs, they become cumbersome and obvious. Suddenly movements become something to think about, and simple things like walking (yes really) and not over-using hands becomes an issue. A lot of crossed arms and hands in pockets appear.

Lastly, we come to furniture hugging.  As soon as the book goes down, actors are like magnets to tables, chairs, and yesterday a packet of tissues (again - yes really)!

Then over the next week or so, as lines become cemented in, and the actors find their rhythm again, hands, legs and furniture/tissue hugging disappear into a distant memory, and the actors script begins to gather dust on the sidelines. 

However, as this script transition happens, somewhere else in the theatre another one is taking place, because at this time the backstage crew pull out their scripts, and so another story begins. . .

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