Blackbird by David Harrower - how it all began
16th April 2012
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I thought I would start a small blog about our forthcoming production of 'Blackbird' by David Harrower. 

When I choose a play, it is all very much dependent on the 'feeling' I get when reading a script.  Sometimes I can read a fantasitc script, but there is something missing and I don't get that tinge of 'director excitement' as I do with others.

I had been hoping to put on 'Educating Rita' this June, the actors were on-board and I love the play, however, we were let down with not being able to obtain the rights to perform it, as they belong to the Menier Chocolate Factory for the forseeable future.  So I had two wonderful actors and no play . . . . back to the drawing board.  I started the hunt for another two-hander and we came across 'Blackbird'.  I read the play in one sitting, and (for reasons I cannot explain, as I may spoil it) I put the script down on the table and thought 'gosh I can't do that' - but as I carried on with my day, the play provoked so many different thoughts and images in my mind, I realised, I HAD to do this play.   After another reading of the script, a little bit of research, and a chat with the actors, it was decided, Blackbird was our next production.  And so the madness began.

I am blessed to have two amazingly talented and professional actors in Holly and Steve, and from day one they had 'got it'.  This is an incredibly brave  (some may say stupid) choice of play to put on due to the subject matter I know, but I can assure you, it is a superbly written, well constructed and cleverly told story, and totally deserved the Oliver award in 2007 for best new play.  I believe it challenges all the pre-conceived ideas we have on this subject matter, it twists and turns them, and spits them out.

Tonight we move on to rehearsing the second half of the play - the difficult bit! My script from working on the play over the weekend, looks like a child's school book, filled with pencils marks and drawings throughout (don't let Holly and Steve read this as they will groan I am sure - the more pencil marks, the louder they groan).

So, script, pencil, notebook, bottle of water and 2 x actors to the ready . . . rehearsals here I come.



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