Benefits of Skip Hire in Eastbourne and beyond
25th May 2018
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Skips can sometimes seem like an unnecessary cost and we may feel that we should be able to deal with the waste ourselves and save some money. Whilst this may be true for a small clear out with only a couple of bin liners full of waste it may be worth considering the following points for larger projects.


You can arrange for a skip to be delivered and collected around a time that suits you. It’s likely that if you’re not hiring a skip then you’re planning to take the waste to your local household waste recycling site yourself. This will mean having to work to the local depots opening and closing times. The local tip here is only open until 1 pm at the weekend and on bank holidays, meaning you could end up rushing to try and get everything done in one morning! A skip can be placed just a few metres from your house, for example on your driveway, or alternatively, we can arrange a permit for you should the skip need to go on the road outside your property. Either way, it will only be a few steps away from the site of your rubbish.

Local tip – why you may wish to avoid this option

Apart from the already mentioned time restrictions of using your local household tip you will also need to consider the type of waste you will be dealing with – and how much there is of it. Dirty or heavy waste is not ideal to be filling your car up with. As well as being left with a dirty car that needs cleaning out you also risk damaging the car's suspension if the load is too heavy, or you could end up in trouble with the law if you are caught exceeding the car’s weight limit. You can find out your cars Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) which includes everything in and on the car, under the bonnet on the VIN plate or in the handbook.

When you arrive at the tip there is a chance you will be met with a queue (especially if it is the weekend which is often everyone else’s only available time to have a clear out or start a garden project!) and once inside you will need to unload and separate your waste so it can be recycled. A 6yd yard skip can hold up to 60 black bin bags of heavy waste - just think how many trips to the tip this would equal!

There are also restrictions you need to know about before taking your waste to a local household recycling depot. These can vary but may include:

  • Height and weight limits on cars and vans, plus size restrictions on trailers.
  • No vehicles with Luton, flatbed or tipper bodies.
  • No more than 6 small bags of soil/ hardcore per household a month
  • Only small amounts of DIY type waste will be accepted (they expect you to hire a skip for larger items)


Whilst you may have every intention to save yourself some money and cut out the cost of hiring a skip, you could end up spending more than you anticipate. It can be hard to judge exactly how much waste you’re going to have, and therefore how many trips you might end up taking to the waste and recycling site. Once you add up the costs of fuel plus possible rental of a van (not to mention the precious time it will take you!) it may end up more cost-effective hiring a skip in the first place.


Hiring a skip for your waste means you can tidy as you go, therefore reducing trip hazards. Any items with sharp edges can be put straight into the skip so you don’t need to have them lying around. This can be especially helpful if small children or pets are around. You will also reduce the amount of handling time of hazardous items and therefore lower your risk of injury. Once the item is placed in the skip, the skip company will sort and dispose of it safely.


Good skip companies will have a waste carrier’s license and a responsibility to dispose of waste legally and ethically. Hiring a skip means you can throw everything in together rather than segregate it yourself at the tip. At Haulaway we bring it back to our waste transfer station where it is manually sorted. The separated materials are then sent off for recycling.

Skips come in a range of sizes, from mini 2yd’s right up to large 50yd Rolonof containers, meaning they are suitable for all your requirements. If hiring a skip for a period of time isn’t convenient you may like to consider a wait and load service. Please visit for more information.


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