3rd May 2017
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Company websites often claim to be accessible but what does it mean? To the computer literate it is obvious and refers to the ease of movement within the pages and the uncomplicated way information can be located. It may be because of a colour coordinated layout or small unobtrusive symbols for page navigation but is it really that simple?

Casual computer users can pick up on features such as these and probably experience no difficulties etc all but that doesn't mean everyone's needs are met. A truly accessible website will feature a clearly recognisable symbol for enlarging the font for readers with limited visual capacity. It will have carefully selected fonts, again or those with impaired vision. Fancy fonts may look good but can often be tiring to read and cause the reader to lose interest before the message being conveyed is absorbed.

Often a simple, enlargeable font like Arial is easier on the eye but avoid upper case if you can, lower case being the preferred option for visual impairment and avoid italic fonts if you can. Be wary of coloured fonts especially on a cultured background. Many site builders choose strong background colours that really stand out and then rite script in a light, often pastel shade. Light green on white or light pink on a darker pink or red can be totally invisible to some eyes. Contrasting colours are always the best.

They may not be aesthetically the best but they will be readable by more potential customers.

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