Autumn Hazard Under Our Feet
23rd September 2016
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Autumn is here and the leaves on the trees and bushes are changing colour, soon to fall to the ground." So what" you may say, "It happens every year" and in most cases they are harmless. It's on pathways and parkland where dog walkers frequent that the problems arise.

Most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs on pavements where pedestrians walk and children cycle, but in parks they tend not to. Imagine for a moment you are partially sighted or worse. Can you distinguish between a few dead leaves and a pile of dog poo! Probably not until you've trodden in it. How would you know if you've wiped it off completely? Imagine further what it must be like for a wheelchair user whose wheels cannot be removed before they go indoors.

How will they clean their wheels without a helper present and what happens to their carpets? Dog owners please think of others when walking your dog. Please take a scoop and bag for use not only on paved areas but also in grassed areas where people walk. If you have forgotten your pooper-scooper then please think of others and move your dog off the pathway before the event occurs. You wouldn't like it and neither do others. Thank you.

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