Are you thinking of downsizing your team in Eastbourne?
21st March 2017
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It’s hard for everybody on all sides of the fence. And customers. And those staff who remain.

Nobody is immune from the impact, but a professional Outplacement Service can accelerate the transition from one stage to a brighter future.

What is an Outplacement Service?

Principally, it’s a vehicle to support those at the sharp end of the process to focus on their working future and turn a problem into an opportunity. It also helps all the other stakeholders because they can see a positive process in place, so they can focus on their day-to-day challenges knowing a Duty of Care is being expressed by professionals.

These professionals will talk to those leaving to understand their individual skills, experiences, motivations and ambitions. They know how the job market is and how recruitment works immediately in the here and now.

They will support and encourage people to find new and meaningful employment. They will guide people along, sensitive to their immediate needs, and provide purpose and energy at a time when it’s most needed. It’s a structured programme with clear goals.

Why Outplacement is so important

Recruitment and job hunting has changed and continues to change. Technology has changed the way it works. What applied a year ago is different now – and will be different again next year.

Job hunters need to be aware of the jobs that are available and how to find them. Perhaps as importantly these days, how to be found for jobs they don’t know exist.

An Outplacement specialist will arrive with a sensitive nature, a sense of discretion – and a firm grip on reality. It’s a perspective few share. They can make a bumpy ride much shorter and easier.

Benefits of an Outplacement Service 

  • Provides support for those who need it most, and at the right time

  • Frees up company resources to concentrate on customers and trading

  • Demonstrates a highly visible Duty of Care

  • Reassures remaining employees that the organisation has a heart

  • Focuses everybody on a positive future, rather than dwell on what’s passed

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