Angels investors needed in Eastbourne ~ Will you be the one to help?
15th June 2012
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As many of you know I spend a fair amount of time using social media and often get requests for RT's etc and today I have heard the plea of a local Eastbourne mother which I felt needed to be shared.

The world of Twitter has power but not as much as Google! Well not yet anyway.

The reason I am sharing this is Tracy has alredy done all she can do by the sounds of it and really needs an investor to purchase a private residence that she can rent back.

If you are an investor or know one please be sure to pass on this requret. I am sure that there is someone out there with the ability to help.

My name is Tracy, I'm from Eastbourne and I am a single parent to a 10 year old disabled son. He is classed as a SWAN (syndrome without a name). Basically meaning he is still undiagnosed. I won't go into all his problems now , but please do ask if you would like to know. The reason I am contacting you is, I have spent the past 8 years having to move properties, trying to find the right one for my son. I am now aware that the only suitable property will be a bungalow. Unfortunately in a town full of elderly people and s.n people, the council have very very few bungalows in their stock (8-2 beds and even less 3 beds). Trying to find private renting with a special needs child who will need adaptations done to the house, is not an easy thing. I have tried home swapping sites, but the council make it so difficult to do. You can't do adaptations for a year after you move in, so finding people who only want a wet room (which is all my house has adaptation wise) is a nightmare when 'normal' people aren't allowed to move in here! I've even asked the local MP for help. He asked the council if there was anywhere, they said no, that was that! He did no more than what I had already done myself!

So I have concluded my only hope to find an appropriate property, with a long lease, is to find someone who is looking to buy to rent a property. Who will be willing to work with me finding the right bungalow and allowing adaptations done. Also being aware that as a single parent and a full time carer, I am therefore currently on housing benefit and can't afford to pay much more on top of the £650 a month they pay for 2 beds.

I am currently in a council house and my son is, daily, falling down them due to his epilepsy and when he is poorly he is now too big for me to carry him upstairs. As well as him not being able to toilet train here as he can't get upstairs quick enough. Also stairs in the garden and I cant shut off the kitchen so he often touches the cooker when it is on. Part of his sensory issues. My main priority, as any parent, is to keep my son safe. Unfortunately I am failing this in our current property. 

My situation isn't unusual, however I appreciate that me taking this one step further by actually asking for the help and kindness from strangers in society, may be unusual. But the government aren't helping me, so I feel, in my sons safety, I have no choice but to take this step. 

They will have a tenant for life with me and they will come into it knowing exactly who their tenants will be. I can provide many references from personal, business and professional people involved in our lives. 

If anyone can help me get my story out there, I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you

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