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15th March 2019
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The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital are delighted to have been nominated to be the People’s Choice Charity at this year’s Eastbourne Airshow on 15-18 August 2019.

For over 70 years the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have been raising funds to provide extra services, equipment and amenities for the patients, staff and visitors to the Eastbourne DGH. Everything that has been donated is over and above what the NHS provides and is an enhancement to the wonderful work done by the staff and volunteers at the Eastbourne DGH.

Recently the Friends have donated items ranging from £750 for ITU patient diaries to £382,000 for a CT scanner for the new Radiotherapy Department, and this year hope to raise £500,000 for the new Urology Unit

Every pound donated makes a difference to the support that we can give the Eastbourne DGH and the community it serves. The hospital staff and patients are so grateful for the help we give them. It is thanks to the generosity of local people that we are able to achieve so much. 
The Friends are asking for your support by voting on line at: Airbourne

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The FoEH support the Eastbourne DGH by raising money to provide extra services, equipment and amenities for the patients, staff, visitors to the hospital and the wider community. A manager and teams of...

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