A week is a long time in politics!
15th July 2016
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This time last week we were preparing to have a long, nine-week election between Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May for the next Prime Minister.  This week, sees Theresa May installed in Downing Street.  They say a week is a long time in politics!

My connection to Theresa May does actually goes back quite a long way – to 2009.

I was on the Conservative Party’s candidates list so potentially, could have been an MP in 2010. I wasn’t taking up any opportunities however.  Theresa called, ‘I want to see you in Parliament, how can I support you?’

‘If I get to be a Member of Parliament’, I said, there is only one place in the whole of the United Kingdom I would run for – my home. And so it was another SIX years before I got my chance! Theresa was very supportive through those years, twice visiting Eastbourne and meeting with many local people and groups including our Street Pastors and Neighbourhood Watch.

Personally I am very pleased that the country now has the opportunity to restore confidence by having clarity on the position of Prime Minister. This is good for business and the markets.

Clearly her priority will be to deliver on Brexit negotiations.  But the challenges which hallmarked time before the referendum – the refugee crisis, climate change and economic productivity remain, but first comes a debate and vote on Trident this Monday.

The defense of our nation and the protection of the British people is the very first calling of any government, and I believe it is vital we maintain a continuous independent nuclear deterrent as the ultimate guarantee of our national security. In that light, I will be supporting the vote to commission new submarines.

As I write, David Cameron will be preparing to hold his last Prime Minister’s Questions. He has been an excellent PM and I wish he and Samantha well.  He has also been a good friend to Eastbourne.

Within 48 hours of the fire on the pier, 2 years ago this month, he came to Eastbourne and pledged £2m to boost tourism in the town. As a result we now have a number of initiatives started, one to put us on the map as a Christmas destination and another to come, investment funds which will see a dazzling new Wish Tower café restored to the seafront!

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