6 common cleaning mistakes putting your family at risk of disease
21st April 2017
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1. Not cleaning your sink as often as you should

The sink is a perfect environment for bacteria like E-coli to thrive and most people don't think to clean it as often as they should.

Letting germs fester in your sink could lead to you and your family getting sick as they spread onto any of the items that you put in there.

Use mild soap and warm water to clean your sink with a fresh sponge each time you finish washing your dishes and dry it with a clean cloth.


2. Not cleaning your dishwasher

Dishwashers get clogged up with soap scum and food waste, which can rot and lead to mould. Bacteria loves warm, moist and dark places.This handy machine needs routine cleaning just like your other kitchen workhorses.

A monthly cleaning can keep your dishwasher looking like new.

Use one cup of white vinegar in an empty machine and run the dishwasher through a hot water cycle.

Sprinkle a cupful of baking soda across the bottom of the appliance, then run it on a short hot water cycle. When the cycles are done, you should notice that your fresh smelling dishwasher now boasts a brightened, stain free interior.


3. Neglecting your biggest touch points

When most people clean, should they miss some of the most obvious places should be paying attention to, like light switches, door handles and even remotes! They harbour germs and bacteria.

Polishing these spots should be part of your tidying routine and you should wipe them down with a cloth and antibacterial spray.


4. Neglecting carpet washing

Your carpet could contain up to 4 times its weight in dirt and could be up to 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

Imagine if you only washed your bed linen when they looked dirty?

The reason we wash our sheets several times a month is because we know that even though there are things we can't see, they still need to be cleaned. Well, it's exactly the same with your carpet.

Hiring professional carpet cleaning company twice a year, help you with remove deep down dirt, mites, bacteria, animal odour, urine and stains.


5. Storing a wet toilet brush

Breeding ground for bacteria!

Instead of just dropping your wet brush into the holder, set it across the seat so it can drip dry over the bowl before putting it away for good.


6. Using dirty sponges

Even sponges that appear can contain thousands of bacteria per square inch.

Every day put your sponge into the microwave, and set it for 2 minutes. After that time, more than 99% of all the living bacteria will be dead.


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