5 ways to boost your natural creativity
18th August 2019
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We are all born creative, even when we don't believe we have a creative bone in our body. Yet creativity can unblock the things that stop you from achieving whatever you want to. Try these out for starters.....

1. Shake your tail feather!

Music! It's a great tool for mood changing and motivation. Try something playful (go back to your childhood); or seek out some music that makes you smile. Good rock or dance music for 'doing' work. Definitely try piano music when typing. Cool vibes are for thinking. Seriously! It works! And it's scientifically proven.

Source: makingmusicmag.com

2. Stepping out of your comfort zone

Remember THAT moment in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts made Richard Gere walk barefoot in the grass? Yep!

Well just do it! Go for a walk and yes, leave the phone behind! Sounds simple enough but it will help to clear your mind. Make sure to look around you to stimulate thoughts other than what you're currently working on and give your brain some creative thinking space. Even a rainy sky can look good if you search past the gloom. Try it! Breathe in the great outdoors!

3. Letting your body do its own thing

Dance like no-one is watching you. Seriously dancing is really good for you physically, but it will also get your brain thinking differently. It gets the blood pumping and invigorates the grey matter. Pirouettes not necessary! Sitting down dancing is fine and dad dancing is completely acceptable! Try the freezer aisle in the supermarket. Helps to keep you warm too :)

Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

4. Play with your food!

Have something different for lunch. How about noodles? Or pancakes? Or do your favourite sandwiches from when you were a kid. What's wrong with marmite and cress, anyway? Or cheese and jam? Just this once go for the hoola hoops but make sure you eat them off the end of your fingers. Yum..... I can hear your brain ticking over those creative thoughts already

5. Meeting of the Minds!

Now imagine that you can have a whole session, a whole day (or longer if necessary) to sharpen your Creative Edge! The solutions to your challenges lie within you. You don't need a consultant to come and tell you what to do. You need someone to unlock your ideas and potential and at Creative Force we can do just that!

We create tailor-made sessions to work with you on a one to one or with your team to develop your company using specialist creative tools. And you get your own creative ideas tool kit to work with in the future! We are the only local company with training from Now Go Create, the specialists in working with corporates to guide them through the process of thinking from a different perspective that successfully moves a business forward.

For more information phone us on 07432 678228 or email Creative Force .

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