5 Reasons Why The Ford Fiesta is Perfect for Your First Car
15th August 2017
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The first car you buy is probably the most important choice you'll make. For a first time driver, it's vital that you choose your first car wisely. The reality is that The Ford Fiesta has been the answer for many, over several generations and is still very much a prime candidate.

Here are the 5 key reasons why the Ford Fiesta should be on your shortlist.

1. Costs- Affordability is one of the top factors for a lot/most of first-time drivers. When thinking about what car to go for, it’s not just about the cost of buying a car whether it being new or used, the running costs are a big factor to think about too. The running costs on a Fiesta are pretty low, with fuel efficiency and general driving your bank balance will thank you. The Ford Fiesta is a fantastic choice when buying new or used.

2. Reliability- Being new to the roads as a first time driver, you need to make sure you purchase a car you can trust. The Ford Fiesta is great place to start. Any problems with individual vehicles are usually down to general wear and tear, not only that but recalls are rare. Parts are easy to source and of course affordable. Any problems that you would encounter with the Fiesta, can be fixed without breaking the bank.

3. Safety- There are many elements with the Fiesta that make you safe with driving, not only that but you feel safe too which brings the comfort element into play! For a vehicle that could serve you many years, comfort is very important. As for driver/passenger safety and protection, the Fiesta's crash test scores were strong across the board, and Euro NCAP awarded it the top five-star rating. Adult occupant protection was very impressive, scoring 91%.

4. Enjoyment- The Fiesta is one of a kind when it comes down to how it drives. All Fiestas are capable and ready to get you from A to B while keeping that smile on your face. As you would expect, many first time drivers end up choosing a car for affordability and being economical but a lot of the time these vehicles are rather unexciting, offering little horsepower and rough handling. The Fiesta is certainly different in that sense due the fact the Fiesta is an enjoyable city drive. No matter what your tastes are, with simple upgrades and tweaks that Ford bring out over time, the Fiesta can suit many needs.

5. Resale Value- The resale value is always an important factor, especially when buying a car you plan to keep for years. When buying a Fiesta from the used marketplace, it will hold quite a lot of its value when it comes down to selling. This is due to the fact the Fiesta overall, is reliable, performs well and is affordable. 

Regardless of your situation the Ford Fiesta is definitely a worthy contender for your shortlist. With the All-New Ford Fiesta ready and avaliable at our Eastbourne branch, why not come on down and test it out for yourself? You won't be dissapointed.

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